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About Us | The History of Culinary Adventure.

Sabor tico, born with the dream of owning your own home owning experience combining her husband for many years dedicated to community development work and companies linked to the development of sustainable tourism in Monteverde ; and their innate experience in the customs of the Costa Rican cuisine , being a native of Guanacaste. From a young travels Capital and serves as a kitchen of a restaurant , and over the years became its owner . In the 90s he moved to the Monteverde area and is dedicated to work in the best restaurant of the moment The Daiquiri , is engaged from 95 to be the Owner of Soda Marilidia , in 2008 opened a small typical restaurant known as Tico Site, which manages over 250 Costa Rican choose the current menu dishes Tico flavor.


For years it has been dedicated to meeting with foreign delicious typical dishes of the Costa Rican culture , the most delicate palates of  Ticos and visitors. Tico flavor is the best Costa Rican model Creole food and an important cultural reference to the delight of the people of Costa Rica and the thousands of tourists every year visit Monteverde .

Our passion is the Costa Rican cuisine . Our purpose , exalt the ancient culture of the country and highlight the culinary tica with the creation of varied and delicious dishes harnessing the enormous cultural heritage and abundance of fruits, vegetables , grains , meats, fish and seafood in this country .


The restaurant is housed in a 80 % wood-based which gives it a rustic and cozy .


Thank you Tico Sabor , will remain a typical restaurant of tradition ; to continue providing the best service you deserve

"Our hundreds of happy customers make Tico Sabor restaurant fastest growing Monteverde"

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